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Monday May 9th - Town Meeting - CCC Bathroom Article 34

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As you are probably aware, we received funding to build a permanent restroom facility at the CCC from the Town back in 2020. This was largely through the support of the youth and town sports organizations like Norwell Men’s Softball and we thank you! 


But due to unforeseen delays/increased construction costs due to the COVID-19 pandemic and to meet State Plumbing requirements; this revised article is seeking additional funding in support of the “Permanent restrooms for the Clipper Community Complex Article approved at Town Meeting July 2020. This project would provide much needed rehabilitation to the restroom facilities at the Clipper Community Complex. A combination of community hosted events and recreational use have rendered the portable toilets currently in place inadequate. Further, special needs, elderly and handicapped individuals continue to be challenged when using the current configuration of portable toilets.


Would you be willing to send an email out to the all of Norwell Men’s Softball informing them of the Town Meeting this Monday? We're asking all youth and town sports coordinators for one final push.



·  The joint-sponsored revised article has been unanimously approved by both the Community Preservation Committee (“CPC”) and the Norwell Advisory Board for the installation of permanent restrooms at the CCC which would be funded by the CPA funds

·  The estimated additional funds for this project would be approximately $241,000

·  The permanent structure would be directly behind the existing Snack Shack

·  Town Meeting will be held Monday May 9 at 7:30pm at the Norwell Middle School 

Please come out to the town meeting and show your support!

Posted by Stephen Petraske, Created Wed May 4, 2022

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