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Norwell Men's Softball Summer 2019

Slow pitch 6-12' arch softball. Games will will be played primarily at the Vinal Elementary School, with an occasional game at the Norwell High School Clipper Community Complex. Weekly games will primarily played on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday nights, with some games potentially played on Friday or Sunday nights. Games cancelled due to inclement weather will be made up on the secondary field location the following week.

Nine innings are played and officiated by a single USSSA approved umpire. The rules set forth are within the By-Laws as established by the Board of Directors of Norwell Men's Softball League and defer to all other USSSA rules.

The mission of this league is to provide a social and competitive forum for the enjoyment of softball within the boundaries of good sportsmanship and local camaraderie. Poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated.

Program Dates:

  • This program runs from Saturday June 22, 2019 to Wednesday September 4, 2019
Registration Dates:
  • Registration for this program began on Wednesday March 13, 2019 12:00 AM and ends on Saturday August 31, 2019 (in 11 days)
  • Late registration ends on Saturday August 31, 2019 8:00 PM (in 11 days) - Late fees may apply
  • 30 years and over

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