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Umpires Notes

Please Review Rules of Play.

Issues related to player conduct should be brought to the attention of League Commissioner, Nick Warendorf.  


NMSL allows a game to begin without 10 players. For an NMSL official game a minimum of 9 players for each team must be present by the end of the 3rd inning. A minimum of 9 players needs to remain playing until completion of the game.   

Games can be started with as few as 7 players.  The umpires WILL stay and officiate the game until it becomes unofficial (after the 3rd inning).


NMSL provides all bats and balls to be used by all players.  Bats will be labeled as league approved in advance of the season.  

Balls will be stored in the league lock box.  Please notify The Commissioner when supply of quality balls runs low.

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