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Rules of Play

The objective of this program is to provide the opportunity to play softball in an organized league designed to emphasize recreation, fair play, and sportsmanship. The league is organized and conducted to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all involved.  Sponsors, coaches, players and spectators all contribute to the quality of the program.  Gestures of poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated.General information· The Norwell Recreation Department, or its assigns, has the right to enforce any and all rules outlined on the permit associated with field approval through the Recreation Department.· The Norwell Men’s Softball league shall be governed by board consisting of a commissioner and one member of each participating team.  From these members, the Board will assign a Secretary and Treasurer, as well.· The Board shall administer all league policy and bring forth proposed league changes to a vote during regularly scheduled meetings.· The Norwell Men’s Softball League Board of Directors has the authority to expel any individual or individuals from the league displaying un-sportsman-like conduct as defined by: any behavior in which the intent is to inflict or threaten physical harm to another person (player, coach, official, spectator, etc.).  This includes, but not limited to, throwing a piece of equipment at another person, fighting, pushing, or shoving between players, officials, and /or spectators, etc.· Game cancellations due to inclement weather and advanced forfeits will be updated by 5pm on game day, along with league standings and schedules on the Norwell Men’s Softball League official website.Roster Rules:
Players must be a minimum of 28 years old prior to start of the season·  There is a maximum of 2 players under 30 years of age per team.  ·  All players must be rostered on that particular team. · Players can not be rostered for more than one team.
· Minimum roster size of 15.· Maximum roster size of 18.
· Maximum of 3 players per team can live outside of Norwell.

· Players must wear team numbered uniforms during game play.
Players must play in a minimum of 6 complete games to qualify for playoff rosters
Players must be registered with NMSL website and have paid league fees to be eligible to play



  • Vinal School, and the Clipper Complex field have been reserved from June 23th through the summer
  • Games will be scheduled for Mon-Friday. nights posted on Master Schedule on website

Starting a game with less than 10 players:

  • Play can begin with a minimum of 7 players.
  • Forfeiture will result if a team does not have 8 rostered players by the end of the 3rd inning.
  • If a team plays the entire game with only 8 players, after the 3rd inning, the 9th batter will be an automatic out.
  • If a team starts with 8 or less players, the opponent will provide a courtesy catcher. 
  • courtesy catcher will not be provided if a team has 9 players. 
  • The courtesy catcher will NOT be involved in in-play fielding.  



It is expected that each team will play its schedule as listed.  In the event that a team can not field at least 8, the procedure will be as follows:

  • The team that can not field 8 will notify the opposing manager at least 2 days before the scheduled date. 
  • The opposing manager will provide 2 dates in which his team can make it up. 
  • Make ups will be on Mon, Tues, or Thursday at the CCC, or Friday and Sunday at Vinal.
  • If the team that originally needed the rescheduled can not make either of those dates, it will result in a forfeit for that team.  
  • The new date MUST be rescheduled within one week.  




Playing Rules· Umpires:     A NMSL representative USSSA Umpire will officiate all game rules including, but not limited to: ball/strike calls,  ground rules and roster rules set forth in the By-Laws.· Pitching a.     Slow pitch 6-12’ arc.  b.     Balls and Strikes will be called:o     The batter will begin with an 0-0 count.o      3 "Called" strikes or the first foul ball with a 2 strike count will be an out.o   4 "Called" balls will result in a walk.    · Fielders - No more than 10· A minimum of 8 eligible players must be present for an official game.
· A team with 10 players can play all players in the field even if the opposing team can not field 10.

Batting Order:  
All non-injured eligible players in attendance must bat, and in a set order. 

Players who arrive after the order has completed once will bat at the bottom of 
the order.

 Pinch Running:
A courtesy pinch runner may be allowed.  The pinch runner
will be the player who has made the last out. Courtesy pinch runners can only enter immediately after a runner has become injured or the batter reaches base immediately after his at bat.

Batters for whom pinch runners will be regularly needed, MUST announce this to the umpire and apposing team captain PRIOR  to the start of the game.  If these batters advance past 1st base, no runner will be allowed. 

Number of innings – Nine (9). · Mercy rule - No more than 5 runs per inning.  Unlimited for the last inning. ·

  Bats/Balls - · All bats will be provided by the league. (NO OTHER BATS MAY BE USED)· Game balls will be provided by the league. Only game balls will be used during play.   Type of balls to be used will be 12” 0.40 COR and will be kept on site.  Use of unapproved balls will be grounds for forfeiture of that game.

   -Ground Rules-
-Automatic homerun for all balls at Vinal school landing beyond homerun fence. 

-At the CCC all balls batted into the outfield are in play regardless of obstacles.  

 Other than the rules mentioned above, all other USSSA rules apply. 

Official 2013 USSSA Slow Pitch Rule books will be provided to team captains before the start of the season.

Any on field disagreements may be discussed between the umpire and the team captains only, with the umpire as the ultimate arbiter.
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